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CoinsEuropeMalta1762 Gold 10 Scudi Malta, Very Scarce
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The item sold.
1762 Gold 10 Scudi Malta, Very Scarce

An beautiful Extra Fine coin.
Very RARE old coin. One year issue. Very RARE condition for this type.

Date:1762, Emmanuel Pinto
Denomination:10 Scudi
Condition:Extra Fine
Weight:8.0 g. (0.2160 oz, 0.84 GOLD)
Size:23 mm
Obverse Design:Banner in crook of left arm
Reverse Design:Crowned shield
Krause Catalog No:KM# 270
Additional Comments:Dom Frei Manuel Pinto da Fonseca (1681 – 23 January 1773) was a Knight of the Langue of Portugal. He was the 68th Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Religion of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, of Palestine, of Rhodes, and called Malta, from 1741 to 1773. He was a Portuguese Nobleman, the son of Miguel Álvaro Pinto da Fonseca, Alcaide-Mór de Ranhados, and wife Ana Pinto Teixeira. He was elected on 18 January 1741. On 25 May 1743 he gave his name to the then town of Qormi giving it the status of a city (Città Pinto). In 1749, one of his bodyguards, Cassar, refused to join a plot led by Pasha Mustafa to stage a muslim slave revolt. This refusal led to the exposure and suppression of the revolt. This event was then celebrated on every anniversary, 29 June. Pinto created several new noble titles which was greatly resented by some of the older nobles of Malta and gained a reputation for imposing heavy taxes. He expelled the Jesuits from Malta. He completed the Auberge de Castille, one of the most important buildings in the capital city, Valletta, which had been started in 1574 and his bust and arms adorn its façade. Today this building houses the Office of the Prime Minister. He made substantial donations to the Conventual Church, and of the most notable mementos worth mentioning are two large and heavy bells cast by the Master Founder of the Order of St. John, Aloisio Bouchut in 1747 and 48 respectively which still hang in the belfries of the Co-Cathedral. Pinto built several storehouses on the Marina which still bear his name. When he died his body was laid to rest in a monument with a mosaic portrayal of him. This is a major tourist attraction in Malta.
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