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CoinsAfricaEthiopia1889 Gold Werk Ethiopia, Very Rare, NGC MS-62
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1889 Gold Werk Ethiopia, Very Rare, NGC MS-62

Gem Brilliant Uncirculated coin. Certified and graded by NGC MS-62.
Very Rare one year type solid gold coin. Very Rare condition for this type.

Date:1889, Manelik II
Condition:Brilliant Uncirculated
Weight:7 g. (0.900 GOLD)
Size:21 mm
Obverse Design:Bust of Manelik II
Reverse Design:Crowned lion
Krause Catalog No:KM# 18
Additional Comments:Emperor Menelik II GCB, GCMG, baptized as Sahle Maryam (17 August 1844 – 12 December 1913), was Negus of Shewa (1866-1889), then Nəgusä Nägäst of Ethiopia from 1889 to his death. At the height of his internal power and external prestige, the process of territorial expansion and creation of the modern empire-state hade been completed by 1898. Ethiopia was transformed under Nəgusä Nägäst Menelik. The major signposts of modernization were put in place. Externally, his victory over the Italians had earned him great fame. Following Adwa, recognition of Ethiopia’s independence by external power has expressed itself in terms of diplomatic representation at the court of Menelik and delineation of Ethiopia’s boundaries with the adjacent colonies.
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