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Arnaldo Sergio (Brazil), 10/10/2012
I really enjoyed the coin .. Buy more soon ... thank you
Alfonso (Canada), 10/10/2012
As usual I am very happy with the coin and the transaction..
Jean Roger (Canada), 10/10/2012
Coin is perfect andI thanks you so very much so.

And Im still looking for a Louis IV d'or coins.


Jean Roger (Canada), 10/10/2012
Coins are perfect and I thank you so very much so.

Bruce (United States of America), 09/10/2012
Beautiful coin and deal!!!! Always a pleasure to do business with!!!
Bruce (United States of America), 02/10/2012
Outstanding coins and service as always. Thanks
Bruce (United States of America), 28/09/2012
Always very pleased with the business I conduct with globe coins.
Moheb (Australia), 27/09/2012
Wonderful deal and highly recommended, trustworthy dealer, Im already looking forward to my next deal and Leonid, you know what I''m looking for!
James (United States of America), 27/09/2012
The coins look great! Thanks for the great service and I look forward to many more orders in the near future!
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